Big Data Masterclass is one of the main attractions of the Lagos Fintech Week 2020 #LFW2020

LFW is an invigorating week of distinct FinTech events that
delivers exciting discussions, stimulating demos and insightful
debates. Whether you’re a start-up, technology company,
investor, financial institution, research institute or innovation
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The financial services ecosystem represents the economy bedrock that allows individuals and businesses to exchange value. Over the last couple of decades, with the advent of the internet, the core nature of value exchange has changed to reflect the new market dynamics of digital goods and services.

It is paramount that financial data is leveraged in a way that empowers individuals and business owners to make better, easier, faster, safer and wiser decisions. If this is done, the natural result will be more time available to focus on things that really matter:
more time with the family, more time for self-improvement, more time to think about creative ways to grow the business, more time
to connect with peers, more time to reflect and more time to enjoy life.

The structural constraints and complexities within the financial services industry, whilst gradually disappearing, still do not allow this
kind of innovation to flourish naturally. There are several factors which will bring a significant transformation in data as we head into
a new decade. These changes and how organisations adapt at dealing with them are critical in implementing a successful
innovation strategy.

Open Data is already transforming the way businesses work. Open Banking is emerging around the world. It gives the customers a
fuller picture of their finances. It empowers the customers to take the best decisions at every turn and circumstances. The potential
of the consumers has contributed to data and the value that both organisations and consumers attribute to that change will be the
driving force in data innovation and management over the next 10 years.

Technology transformation is also taking place at break-neck speed. By 2025, 2.5 billion more people will have access to the internet
while a remarkable 75 billion internet-connected devices will be in use.

The introduction of 5G will herald a new wave of innovation. Delivering speeds 10 times faster than the current 4G network, 5G will
help drive a host of technological advances that previously would have been impossible. There is widespread confidence about its
potential – two thirds (65%) of all industrial companies are planning to implement 5G within two years of its availability.

It is anticipated that Machine Learning [ML] and Artificial Intelligence [AI] will mature and become a common strand of data


As the consumers become familiar and comfortable with contributing their own data, accessing this new range of
services, it’s crucial that organisations ensure their data
strategy is built upon the foundations of transparency and

To do that, the banks, insurers, capital market operators,
fintechs and techfins must reboot their strategies and change
their cultures.



Chief Semantic Architect and
Knowledge Engineer at Cymantiks Nigeria Limited

Emeka is a problem solver of real-world problems with over 17 years’
experience at the forefront of technology and innovation within the domain
of his core expertise and outside that domain with his involvement with
social innovation projects. His experience has embraced a breadth of
technologies, which culminates today in AI and Semantic Web world while
working with a cross-section of professionals across various cultures and
solving problems at a complex level.

Emeka co-founded Nigeria’s earliest startup, in 1996 and built Nigeria’s
first financial website, IBTC in 1996. He also built Nigeria’s first internet banking
app in 1997. He was a project lead for Nigeria’s first e-commerce website, in 2000. He built Africa’s first mobile app for crowdsourcing
election data, Revoda in 2011. He handled Semantic Architect for Africa’s first
Knowledge Graph on Films in Mokolo in 2016). Emeka developed mobile app for
Ghana Elections, Architect/lead ATM e-Journal management software in 2012
and it is running in 35 countries. He built a Semantic Web News app for Maternal
Health in 2013.

Emeka founded OpenDataNG @OpenDataNG, a citizen-led Linked Open Data
initiative for Nigeria to make government data accessible to common folks and
generate wealth from data. He co-founded Next2, a geo-based topic-driven
social classified network and mobile agriculture platform for emerging markets.

Emeka was listed among the 20 Most Influential Technology People in Africa by in 2013 and top Global 20 Mobile Commerce, Mobile
Payments, Mobile Banking and Mobile Money influencers in Social Media by in 2012. He is a strong advocate on the use of AI, Open Data and
Semantic Web to re-develop Africa.



CEO and Founder, Open Vector

Carlos is the CEO and founder of Open Vector, a professional consultancy
firm founded in 2017. Open Vector specialises in open banking, PSD2, GDPR
and payments. He advises other countries, governments and Central Banks
on implementing Open Banking across the financial sector and promoting
financial and social inclusion while working closely with the Fintech
community. Carlos spoke at LFW 2019.

Carlos has 20+ years’ experience in payments, SWIFT, SEPA and PSD2. His Open
Banking experience started in 2016 as the Head of Data Standards for the UK
Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE). He oversaw the ISO 20022 based
standard development and the relevant technical elements needed to integrate
it across the array of product based API’s, which was the first initiative globally in
the banking sector, or any other sector to have done so.

In the third quarter of 2018, Open Vector was granted by the British Embassy of
Mexico City and the Prosperity Fund a component of phase 1 of the Fintech Law
delivery. Carlos worked alongside the Central Bank of Mexico to develop and
implement the data standards, which will go live in April 2019.

Carlos has also travelled with the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Charles
Bowman as his Fintech advisor to Chile in April 2018, and Abuja and
Lagos-Nigeria in June 2018 to discuss Open Banking, innovation and Fintech
before key government officials including the Vice President of Nigeria.

Carlos’ prior roles include leading large-scale programme integration and
standardisation primarily in the payment’s arena for banking institutions like
Barclays, HSBC, and Credit Suisse. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer
Networking and a Masters in International Management.


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Lagos State, Nigeria. |
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